A Guided Journey Through The Ferns

A very successful tour of The Ferns took place on 24th July 2019. Guests included Bishops Martin and Mike, Karen Galloway, and Gavin Stone, Director of Strategic Planning and Communications, The High Sheriff, Rosalind Eminson, and her PA, Jill Taylor, and representatives from the East of England Co-op Funeral Services.
They were taken on the journey through The Ferns by Carol Studd, and Louise Elmy, who, as they progressed through the facility, explained how clients travel through the SARC, looked after by a crisis worker who will attend to their immediate needs and help them make informed choices.
One of the guests said ‘Our group were overwhelmed by the levels of care, sensitivity, attention to detail and professionalism shown to those who sadly experience such harm’.
Many thanks to the team at The Ferns for undertaking this guided tour as, visits such as this generate a lot of extra work to restore the facility to a forensically safe, sterile state.

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