Every organisation will, to some degree, be challenged to provide the best possible service they would like their clients to receive. Irrespective of how well the service is funded, there will inevitably be elements that standard commissioning cannot achieve.
Clients attending the SARC are unique in both their experience and their recovery. There is no 'one size fits all' approach that can be attributed to each individual. The forensic collection, ISVA support and ongoing referral system are adequately catered for and provide a robust pathway for survivors.
It is the other things that make the difference to a client's overall perception and, therefore, satisfaction of the service we provide. Small things like anxiety aids that help ease the frequently experienced emotions of having to wait in a stark forensic area, accompanied possibly by someone known to you, but very often not, giving graphic account of a traumatic sexual offence to a complete stranger.
Larger things like replacing the bed the offence occurred in so as to not trigger distressing memories every time you need to sleep.
Installing a video doorbell so the client feels secure every time someone is at their front door.
Financing a gym membership for a short time so the client can progress in their recovery with endorphin producing exercise.
Provision of recovery boxes with an assortment of self help aids that facilitate management of the ongoing challenges survivors may meet.
There are so many ways a survivor's recovery can be hampered if access to the tools they require is denied. To encompass these aspects to a commissioning model is fraught with difficulty as they cannot be accurately measured. The Ferns have evidence that all the 'extras' supplied by Friends of The Ferns are without question, as vital as the main service and without this avenue, our clients would have an inferior recovery.
Here is a summary of the total the 'Friends' have spent each year in helping The Ferns. For this purpose it has been split into Police ‘financial years’ 1st April – 31 March.
2014/15 £1,839.63
2015/16 £12,949.00
2016/17 £2,935.07
2017/18 £765.80
2018/19 £9,005.20
2019/20 £4,232.21 (April – November)
TOTAL £31,726.91 over 5 ½ years
Of this total, £7,738.85 has been spent on Critical Incident Work.

Major Purchase

The 3D pain distraction system purchased in 2017, kindly funded by the Suffolk Police & Crime Commissioner, has been of huge benefit to The Ferns when they are dealing with the examination of children.

How You Can Help

We Want To be able to Fund:

- Counselling
- Travel fares to and from the SARC
- Emergency replacement bed linen & clothes
- New towels and dressing gowns
- Toys & DVDs

We need:
- More volunteers
- Help with grant funding applications
- Publicity
- Fund raising activities and ideas
- Donations: in kind or cash

- Help with social media


“ We work in multi-agency working with The Ferns and really appreciate the support that they have given our service users. We really value and support The Ferns I think what they do is amazing and very crucial to an investigation. I wish you all luck with the fundraising.”

Helen Moore, YMCA Suffolk

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