Chairman’s Report to Friends of the Ferns Open Evening 2018

This year has been a busy one with, sadly, increased referrals. Funding for crisis counsellors is high on our list of priorities; victims of sexual assault often need immediate, specialist counselling and this takes the form of Critical Incident Debriefing which is frequently not covered by statutory funding. Just one or two sessions are vital to start to help the healing process after an assault. Although public awareness of these issues is gradually being raised by high profile prosecutions and TV dramas such as Broadchurch and Appletree Yard there is still much work to be done.
You may have heard me talk before about the two books we have written in conjunction with Fresh Start/new beginnings. I am delighted to say that these are now published and are in all Suffolk Schools
Today Diana Porter, from Fresh Start/new beginnings, and I met with Nick Hume, Chief Executive for Suffolk and Norfolk NH Trust Hospitals, to ask him how we can get these books into every hospital, Doctors surgery, medical centre – indeed any medical centre in the County. He had some interesting ideas which we will now follow up on.
We were lucky enough to be the main beneficiaries of The Stratford Hills Horse Trials held at Stratford St. Mary on 16th and 17th June last summer. This was a wonderful opportunity to spread the word and to get our cause across to a lot of different people. We later received a very generous cheque from them, for which we are so grateful.
The High Sheriff of Suffolk Mr George Vestey has requested a private visit and that is due to take place shortly. We are thankful for that continued support and interest.
My grateful thanks are to my fellow Trustees who work tirelessly to raise awareness and funds to improve the lives of our clients.
And especial thanks to the unstinting work that Carol, and her team, do at The Ferns with such dedication, humility, integrity and kindness. Thank you

Karin Norman-Butler – Chairman

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